Have you got wine face? Here are 5 steps to rejuvenate your skin

A glass of wine is just the thing for a cozy Tier 2 or 3 night in, but it could be ruining your complexion - this is what to do about it


With winter coming and lockdown measures in place across the country it wouldn't be surprising if you were turning to the comfort of a nice glass of red curled up in front of the TV most nights. Especially since our taste buds are turning towards warming winter comfort foods washed down with tipple or two. Or is that just us?

Sadly alcohol stresses our skin through lack of sleep and dehydration, causing a variety of skin complaints from blotchiness to dryness and a general lacklustre look. Not to mention, if you've had a few too many the night before, you're bound to be a little puffier than usual, especially under the eyes. Enter wine face. 

Don't panic, we have a few simple steps to get your skin back to its former glory before nightfall, starting with your morning breakfast. While it's tempting to grab something sweet or tuck into a greasy fry up to settle blood sugar levels, that's the worst thing you can do for your skin, and your energy levels, which will plummet by 2pm if you don't eat wisely.

Choose a breakfast with some healthy protein such as smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on sourdough toast. The carbs in the bread will mop up the alcohol, the protein will keep energy and appetite levels steady, while the omega 3 fats from the oily fish will help to restore skin suppleness and reduce brain fog. 

Puffy, blotchy, dehydrated? Try these 5 steps back to glowing skin 

From left, Neals Yard Rosemary Pure Essential Oil, Allies of Skin Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser, Herbivore Jade Facial Roller, Perricone  MD Vitamin C Ester CCC+ Ferulic Brightening Complex 20%, Summer Friday's Jet Lag Mask.
  1. Steam: Fill up a bowl or the sink with hot steamy water and a drop in an aromatherapy oil such as rosemary, eucalyptus or citrus to awaken your senses. Place your face over the bowl with a towel covering your head for a minute or two, being careful not to get too close and scold your skin. This will open up the pores and help to detoxify. Pop in the shower and cleanse skin with a gentle PH balanced cleanser such as Allies of Skin Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser - do a double cleanse if you have any residual make-up to mop up. 

  2. Ice: After you've steamed and cleansed skin, wrap an ice cube in a muslin cloth and move it over the contours of your face to tighten the pores and waken up the skin. 

  3. Roll: Apply your favourite serum onto damp skin. We recommend a vitamin C essence such as Periconne's  MD Vitamin C Ester CCC+ Ferulic Brightening Complex 20% if your skin is looking dull. Then take a jade or quartz roller (or Gua Sha) and drain the lymph by rolling upwards under the cheekbones, on the jawline, downwards on the neck and over the brow bone and underneath the eye area. This will detox and de-puff. Continue until all of your serum is absorbed and your face looks a little bit red (this is a good sign and it will soon subside into a healthy, rosy glow). 
  4. Tint: Don't try to cover up hangover skin with a heavy coverage foundation, instead apply a tinted moisturiser, BB or CC cream that has both tinted pigments and skincare ingredients to boost radiance and allow skin to breathe. We love Giorgio Armani's Neo Nude True-to-Skin Natural Glow Foundation
  5. Mask: At the end of the day, draw a bath with some Epsom salts to detox your body and pop on a skin mask. Environ's Hydrating Clay Mask will draw impurities from your skin and leave it feeling baby soft. Or, if you're skin is particularly dry, a hydrating mask such as Summer Friday's Jet Lag Mask will do the trick - this one can be left on overnight if needed.