The beauty products to pack for a long-haul flight 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at LAX International Airport
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at LAX International Airport Credit: Rex

Because I travel so much, I keep cosmetics bags filled with decanted potions on standby. This way, I don’t forget contact lenses, low-toxin skincare products, SPF and other luxe-ecessities – such as a de-puffing treatment, a hairstyling product and spot gel (you may not need it now but, if you don’t pack it, you will by day three).

I ring ahead, too, to check what my hotel provides. In boutique American and British hotels, there are often interesting organic ranges. For long-haul trips I also have a separate inflight toiletries bag. I hereby share its contents.

A pot of oil-rich cleansing balm: I use Alexandra Soveral’s Angel Balm, £55, as it cleans and soothes my skin. The idea of flying 10 hours in warpaint is heinous.

Hyaluronic acid:Try The Ordinary’s, £5.90, then apply another layer of your balm to nourish your skin.

Moisturiser: Use layer upon layer to seal it all in and you’re practically having a facial.

Some kind of relaxing oil:from lavender or lemongrass to de Mamiel’s altitude oil, £28. Speckle over a pillow or scarf.

A sample-size bottle of extra-thick hand cream: I like Lanolips Lano Allover Golden Dry Skin Salve £18.  

Extras: I also apply my beloved RevitaLash, £39, to encourage eyelash foliage; why waste a long flight? You could add one of those water sprays, such as Avène Eau Thermale Water Spray £3, but I prefer a tonic/toner with essential oils or minerals such as Ren Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist £24.

If you turned left on boarding and have some privacy – or don’t give a damn – you can apply a firming gel mask (Skyn Iceland Hydro Cooling Firming Eye Gel, £14 for four pairs are great), handy if you have to look presentable when you disembark. Niod’s Voicemail Masque, £30, is another wonder – it firms and coaxes your skin back to life, during and after stressful situations.

And don’t forget flight socks. Pick these up from Boots at the airport, and your feet and ankles will emerge like slender butterflies. The wonders of modern travel.