Millie Mackintosh on her love of fitness

Millie Mackintosh on her love of fitness
Millie at home in South London  Credit: Make-up: Justine Jenkins/Photos: Alice Whitby

Millie Mackintosh, 26, was made famous for appearing in reality TV show Made in Chelsea. She currently runs a fashion label and her health and fitness book, Made, is out now. She lives in South London with her husband Stephen [the rapper Professor Green] and their dog Arthur.

Here she shares the 8 objects she feel define her:

Millie's eight most precious objects Credit: Alice Whitby

StarI got this lantern in this beautiful souk in Marrakech, which is one of my favourite cities to travel to.

Trainers Exercise is really important to energise me. I was teased for being skinny and weak and avoided exercise when I was young, not realising how important it was to be strong and fit. Before my wedding I finally gave in to exercise and when I saw the change I was addicted.

Black owl figures I always call Stephen a night owl so we got these two owls in the meatpacking district in New York. I like that they are a little pair like us.

#Sundays 🍁🍂🍁

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Sewing machine This belonged to my Granny who died when I was 12. I was very close to her and receiving this started my love of fashion and making clothes.

Mackintosh tin My great-grandfather was John Mackintosh, who started Quality Street. My parents still collect the old tins. I particularly like the romantic scenes and we had the sweets strewn on tables at our wedding. 

The original toffee - you can only buy this from Canada nowadays 🍬🍬🍬

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CushionMy married surname is Manderson which means I got to keep my double M initials. My mum loves embroidery and gave this to me as a wedding present which we keep on our bed.

Jewellery box I’ve had this in my bedroom since I was a child and it was passed down through my family. My Dad’s mother gave me a charm for all the phases I went through like horse riding and travelling so it’s like a diary.  

Diary I like to write everything down and make notes and not just keep everything on my phone.

"Before my wedding I finally gave in to exercise and when I saw the change I was addicted"
Millie Mackintosh

Cup measuresI love that these are functional and pretty. My mum trained as a cordon bleu chef and my parents ran a delicatessen so I’ve always been around cooking. It’s something I do to relax.