Kristen Wiig pokes fun at Botox in new Zoolander II trailer

Kristen Wiig as Alexanya Atoz in Zoolander II
Kristen Wiig as Alexanya Atoz in Zoolander II Credit: YouTube

The film is not out for another few weeks, but the makers of Zoolander II are stepping the teasing up a gear in the final run-up to the film’s eventual release on February 12th.

Following Ben Stiller and Penelope Cruz’s joint appearance on the cover of American Vogue, it’s Kristen Wiig’s turn in the spotlight – in a video poking fun at the beauty industry.

In the innuendo-laden video, Wiig appears with an unplaceable generic European accent as botched beauty guru Alexanya Atoz in a faux trailer for a product called Youth Milk, by Alexanya's own company, House of Atoz.

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“Youth Milk absahrbs into the skeen like water into a spayyyunge” drawls 41-year-old Wiig, whose face and hair both appear to have been sealed in place by concrete. Atoz lists the ingredients of Youth Milk– everything from desert flower cactus to "distilled water from natural street puddles in Indonesia" – in a spot-on pastiche of many an advertising campaign, and of numerous plainly ridiculous ingredients used in actual real-life beauty products.

“When you look old, you feel sad,” says Atoz, attempting to arrange her face something vaguely resembling a sad one. “When you look young, you feel happy,” she goes on, barely changing expression. “I have no fillers, Botox, or surgeries,” she lies through her veneers.

Radiance, effervescence and... ‘relischisvaicedsh’ are the promised side effects of using Youth Milk. Funny? For sure. An only slightly exaggerated send-up of the marketing of some beauty products that crop up these days? Absolutely.  

We were all very much looking forward to the release of Zoolander II anyway, but are now hoping Wiig’s Atoz will get the screen time she deserves - because judging by this trailer alone, we would happily wait another few years for an Alexanya Atoz film. For now, we eagerly await February 12th.