The secrets behind 69-year-old Jill Biden's 'friendly and approachable appearance'

Her husband is now President-Elect of the United States. We look at the secrets behind her winning public image


It's official: Joe Biden has crossed the 270-mark threshold and secured enough votes to become the new President of the United States. The 69 year old professor Dr Jill Biden is used to a degree of spotlight as the former Second Lady of the United States, however all eyes are well and truly on her and husband Joe Biden now as soon-to-be President and First Lady. 

Before we get onto Biden’s beauty look, it’s hard not to draw comparisons with Jill and the exiting First Lady. Melania Trump - with her highly-tailored clothing and heavy make-up - has an image some might say is less approachable. “The two women could hardly be more different,” says the behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, who specialises in the body language of people in the public eye. “Jill Biden has a friendly and approachable appearance. She is relatively unchanged in her hairstyle, make up or clothes over the years. Her soft blonde hair, rosy cheeks and natural-looking make-up are endearing while masking a very smart and astute mind. 

Jill and Joe Biden over the weekend

“She is often seen smiling, looking lovingly at her husband and very happy to be tactile and stand by her man whether physically or metaphorically,” Hemming continues. “She’s elegant, attractive and rather wholesome – she embodies some you know you would like and trust.” In a presidential campaign where image is so crucial, Jill has been a shining example of how to get it right.  

It’s this confidence, elegance and poise in her appearance today that for Hemming, speaks volumes - especially in comparison to Melania. “One the other hand, the slender vision of Melania, usually dressed in highly tailored clothes – sometimes with a military edge – is never anything than immaculately groomed and she is clearly very fond of the sunglasses, lip liner and contouring combo.”   

Despite this professional appearance, Hemming adds, “She rarely looks relaxed. Melania’s occasional smiles don’t reach her eyes and she has all the approachability of a charging bull. She feels much less like a loving wife and much more like a piece of overly-made up arm candy, only often without any touch involved. She is undoubtedly a beautiful and much younger woman than Jill Biden, but she is stiff and insincere in her body language and her speech.”  

Melania Trump looks on as Trump speaks on the election night at an event at the White House on November 4.  Credit: CHRIS KLEPONIS/POOL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Trump’s heavily made-up beauty look is on the other end of the spectrum to Jill’s, who projects youthfulness. “I love that she wears make-up,” says the celebrity make-up artist Adam de Cruz. “Her skin looks youthful, thanks to wearing a glowy foundation rather than anything too matte, which is an easy mistake to make when you’re after long-lasting make-up.” De Cruz suggests a foundation such as the Extra Rich Glow Cream Foundation by Japanese brand Suqqu, £68, which is a product he uses for more mature skin, while still looking healthy and radiant. “It still gives the skin good coverage,” he adds.   

Baby Cheeks Blusher Sticks by Westman Atelier

An instantly youthful trick is applying a flushed cheek colour, which “makes the skin look more alive,” says de Cruz. He suggests one of the Baby Cheeks blush sticks by Westman Atelier, £46, a beautiful range created by Hollywood favourite make-up artist Gucci Westman. The shade Petal is a pretty, suits-everyone rosy pink.   

The only element of Biden’s make-up de Cruz would soften, however, is to not line the eye of the bottom lash line. “This makes the eyes appear smaller, so I generally suggest to line in-between the top lash line and put lots of mascara on the top lashes only. This makes your eyes look bigger and framed, as any strong lines will look very severe.” He suggests the Ecentrico Mascara by Giorgio Armani, £27, a full-on mascara that has a matte and velvety look. Biden’s brows are groomed and softly defined, which adds to the overall soft and glowy look. 

Whether Biden’s style and make-up look changes in her years as a First Lady is yet to be seen, however she clearly knows what works for her. What is clear is that her image does not seem overly-crafted, or over-thought, which provides a very refreshing change from the past four years indeed.