The Complete Woman: Rosemary Ferguson

The complete woman: Rosemary Ferguson
Credit: Alice Whitby

"I'm 80 per cent very good and 20 per cent bad – very bad!” says model-turned-nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson, who lives in the Cotswolds with her husband, the artist Jake Chapman, and their three daughters.

“Denying yourself isn’t a good idea, it always leads to rebellion. But I like to feel full of energy, so I steer clear of processed food and I don’t eat much wheat as it makes me tired.” Her rule is a bit of everything, plus lots of veg.

“I pack in nutrition where I can, and eat a mostly vegetarian diet. But I like foods that are going to make me feel better and if that means chicken casserole or some steak, then that’s what I’ll eat.”

Rosemary, who was part of the Primrose Hill set in the 1990s and remains close friends with Kate Moss, admits she still “burns the candle”. But now she has reconsidered her hangover options. “I don’t reach for a fizzy, sugary drink any more. I’ll make a juice and have a boiled egg.” Once a week, she has a juice-only day. “I get a real boost. It sets me back to zero and I’m ready to go again.”

Her fitness starts at the village hall. “I do a metabolic workout class with triathlon trainer Cath Champion – it’s wonderful.” She also practises yoga – “It relaxes my brain, which is great because I find it hard to stop thinking. Afterwards I feel restored” – and rides horses (“it works my inner thighs”), plays tennis and, when working in London, runs. “I like running in town as there is so much going on it takes my mind off my tired legs!”

Rosemary’s essentials

"I start my day with porridge, or eggs and a juice, or a smoothie boosted with a superfood powder such as spirulina or maca."

"My favourite snack is hummus and crudités or linseed crackers. I drink loads of herbal teas and change the ones I go for depending on how I feel."

"A good pair of trainers is important for running. I have Asics Gels. Lululemon makes the best yoga gear and I love Sweaty Betty sports bras and tops and Nike running leggings.

"I’m not a great shopper so I often buy online from Topshop, Net-a-Porter, Relik and Matches. I just got some clothes out of storage and found loads of old Helmut Lang and Martine Sitbon, which was nice!"

"I go to Turkey once or twice a year and fast for five days. I have a massage every day to help the detox process." 

"I see Teresa Tarmey for facials, or Holly Gumble at Gielly Green for a wonderful facial-lifting treatment. I wish I could go more often.

Juice by Rosemary Ferguson (Ebury, £15.99) is out now