Beyoncé shows off her Flash Tattoos

Beyoncé’s flash tattoos
@Beyonce Credit: @beyonce

Flash Tattoo today announced that it is ‘crazy in love’ with the new temporary tattoos co-designed by ‘Beyoncé’, and we got to say - we’re kind of into them too - even if Rihanna did get their first in the beauty battle with her temporary tattoos designed in collaboration with US jewellery designer Jacquie Aiche.

Inspired by Beyoncé’s favourite tracks and album, the five sheets of black and gold tats feature her favourite lyrics and song names, including ‘Naughty Girl’, ‘Crazy in Love’, ‘Let it Bee’ and ‘No Fear.’  Not for you? What about a ‘Diva’ or ‘Flawless’ necklace, a flower motif perhaps or a bee-hive honeycomb medallion to plaster all over your body...though maybe not all at once because there are 57 designs all in all.

Stick to something more simple, just like Queen Bey who showed off her new Flash Tattoo set and styling on her Instagram announcement today, as shown above in black and white.  Flawless. 

Beyonce Flash Tattoos, $28 available from