Spa company launches at-home Covid antibody tests

A spa company has extended its treatment offerings to include Covid-19 tests

There is no doubt the pandemic has changed the beauty landscape, no least because it seems the country simultaneously craved it in its absence and retreated to it for a sense of comfort during difficult times.  Changes have seen the sector become covid-secure, transform its online presence and now, extend its offerings to meet a new set of demands. 

Secret Spa, an on-demand, at-home beauty service, is the latest platform proving the agility of the industry once more. This month it launched a new healthcare arm to their current treatment offerings, which already encompasses everything from waxing and massages to hairdressing, nails and lashes. 

The new healthcare treatments now available cover both personal wellness and medical health, including Covid-19 swab and antibody tests.

Emily Ewart-Perks, co-founder of Secret Spa, says, “Over the last few months, we have seen a real shift in where our customers’ priorities lie. Whilst our beauty treatments are still hugely popular, the biggest surge in demand post lockdown has been for our wellness treatments.

"Our new healthcare and immune-boosting treatments elevate our wellness offering, giving our customers the chance to enjoy on-demand personal wellness and medical health treatments, at a time that suits them, from the comfort and safety of their own home.”

On reconsidering which treatments customers valued most, the brand found a 110 per cent rise in wellness treatments, suggesting a spike in the desire to treat the body from the inside out and the option to have mobile medical professionals arrive at your door to provide on-demand healthcare. 

Secret Spa has partnered with Chelsea based clinic Effect Doctors, so customers can select a time and date that suits them and a medical professional will visit them in the comfort and convenience of their home or office. “Many people are unsure of where to get effective, high-end healthcare treatments and reliable Covid tests,” adds Emily. 

Clients looking to buy a Covid-19 test from the brand have two options: an Antibody Test, £150, and a Swab Test, £249. The former involves a medical professional taking a small sample of  blood to identify antibodies against Covid-19, however it should be noted that scientists are not yet certain if the presence of antibodies means you have long-term immunity from the virus.

The latter entails a quick and highly accurate nose and throat swab to detect the presence of active Covid-19 infection, with an option to include a Negative PCR Swab Doctors Certificate. The results are analysed in an accredited medical laboratory and delivered within 48 hours.

While other at-home kits are now available, Secret Spa's option of having a team of highly trained doctors specialising in diagnostic blood tests on hand will certainly take the stress out of conducting tests correctly at home.