What does London's coolest make-up artist keep in her kit?  

What does Topshop's make-up artist keep in her kit?  
What does Topshop's make-up artist keep in her kit?  Credit: Instagram / @hannah_murray

We've long admired Hannah Murray, Topshop's make-up consultant and general all-round cool girl.   British make-up artist Murray is responsible for the last few seasons of fresh-faced Topshop runway faces, as well as a handful of other backstage beauty looks we wanted then and there, but it's her own beauty style we covet the most.

If ever there was a London beauty look, it is hers: dewy skin, ever-so-slightly smudged eyes (which begs the question: what cool party was she at last night?) and baby soft balmy lips.  Best of all, it looks like she's made precisely no effort; like we said, she's cool.

But, while we know what she was doing on the model's faces, we rarely heard about what she was doing on her own. What's was in her kit, how long does her signature look take her, and how can we get that Murray make-up ourselves?  Ahead of the shows, we stole 15 minutes of her time, and this is what she told us.

What's in your kit right now? 

"Currently in my kit, I have Topshop Beauty Kajal, Shiseido Eyelash Curlers, Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara, Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eyes pencil in Espresso, Decleor Aroma Sun Face cream SPF50, Environ C-Quence Eye Gel, Topshop Lip Liner in Ceramic, YSL Touché Éclat no's 2 & 4.5, TOPSHOP Beauty Everything Stick in Charlatan, Nuxe Lip balm and cotton buds."

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So where do you start with your magic 11, and why? 

"I always curl lashes first, with an eyelash curler as my first step; it’s essential for opening eyes. Then I’ll apply two to three coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes – my tip is to dry out new mascaras for a more controllable, less wet texture."

Wait, what about that famous kohl liner of yours? 

"I do that next. I apply kohl or kajal along the waterline and into roots of top and bottom lashes smudging out with my finger. If I want more definition I'll then re-line along the top lashes, extending outwards and upwards for a more feline eye."

Your skin always looks so fresh, so no concealer right?

"Well, if it’s needed, I’ll apply YSL Touché Eclat under eyes, onto brow bones and around nose, adding a little bronze shimmer onto cheekbones to warm skin, with Topshop Beauty Everything Stick in Charlatan on the apples of the cheeks. Blemishes are veiled with Estée Lauder Maximum Coverage and TOPSHOP Beauty Concealer Palette, which can be used to match different areas of the skin.

And that balmy pout? 

"Lips I normally leave but if I want a little subtle definition I'll use Topshop Beauty Lip liner in Ceramic and blend with a lip balm."

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And how long does it take you to do your everyday make-up?

"15 minutes."

..and what about your evening make-up?

"I just add more kohl on my eyes over my day look so five minutes max! If I can, I'll cleanse my skin (avoiding eye make-up!) and give it some nourishment before perfecting and adding glow with make-up. I'm obsessed with fresh skin!"

How does a cool girl store her make-up, at home, and in your handbag?

"I keep my essentials in a small pony hair, leopard print make up bag but I have most of my make-up at home in storage baskets and I keep brushes in an old, washed out Dyptique candle - although I mainly use my fingers for application so these are rarely touched!"

What beauty products are in your handbag, and why?

"Topshop Beauty Kohl, lip balm and concealer for touch ups."

And what lipsticks do you keep on standby, just in case you head out that evening?

"I'm not much of a lipstick wearer myself but I have Calvin Klein lipstick in 100 Whatever which I'll sometimes dab onto the lips and cheeks or Topshop Beauty Lips in Mink which is an amazing nineties brown/pink."

What's your desert island essential?

"Skincare! Decleor Aroma Sun SPF50 if I had to choose just one."