Want easy-peasy make-up? Get your hands on a Topshop Everything Stick

Topshop Everything Stick

If there's one thing in make-up I think sounds too good to be true, it's a product that claims to do everything. Lips, cheeks and eye colour with just one product? Hmm. Not convinced. Multi-use products are either fine on the cheeks yet too chalky for the lips, or nice and tinted on the lips and just plain greasy on the cheeks. And that's without even getting the eyelids involved. 

Topshop's Everything Stick used on the eyes, lips and cheeks Credit: TOPSHOP BEAUTY/TOPSHOP BEAUTY

But then good old Topshop, purveyor of some of the best quality, affordable make-up on the market, launched its Everything Stick. This brand-spanking new product is genius mainly because of the texture, which can be used to good effect on the lips, cheeks and eyes. Pleasingly, it looks great wherever you use it, without getting remotely chalky or greasy. 

Topshop's six shades in the Everything Stick Credit: TOPSHOP BEAUTY/TOPSHOP BEAUTY

The next best thing about it is the range of colours. They're flatteringly simple and beautiful. There's six shades in total: two nude-brown shades, two apricot peachy shades, a bold red and a soft, pretty pink. They're all incredibly wearable and easy to blend, and you can build up the colour on your lips or lids if you want a bolder look. I've been using the nude shade Defaint non-stop for the past week.  

All this for £10? I might have to downside my make-up bag, for the first time, er, ever.