Sex and the City beauty lessons: from curly hair to the post-break up makeover

With confirmed news of a reboot, we take a look at the make-up and hair moments that defined the '90s classic

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You would be hard pressed to name a television series which boasts as many iconic fashion and beauty moments as Sex and the City does. Couple that against the glitzy backdrop of New York City and the frank tales of sex and relationships, and you have the archetype of era-defining TV. 

It's no wonder then that fans of the late '90s HBO hit were sent into a frenzy on Sunday night when three of the show's on-screen friends, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis, took to Instagram to share a trailer for the upcoming reboot of the original series, entitled And Just Like That...

With production due to start this spring, the show is promised to uphold many of the former treasures of the show, although sadly Kim Cattrall, who played the fourth member of the original group, Samantha, will not be returning for the revival. In a statement, HBO Max said, "The series will follow Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte as they navigate the journey from the complicated reality of life and friendship in their 30s to the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s.”

We expect (hope) this also means generous glimpses of ruffle dresses, bucket hats and Manolos, but more so that the show continues to serve up healthy helpings of beauty lessons as it did previously. And we don't just mean Carrie's first ever brush with a Hollywood wax or Samantha's mortifying experience with an at-home chemical peel. Spanning six series, SATC offered up the kind of dreamy '90s beauty moments we're all still very much obsessed with.

Make-up artist, Lisa Potter Dixon says, "The women were and still are, relatable. As was their make-up. They were never over-done. Not once did I think that someone else had done their make-up. To me, Carrie had chucked on her smokey eye using her fingers whilst sat at her desk writing her column." Here we look back at five enduring beauty lessons the iconic show taught us.

A bold liner moment

Credit: New York Daily News Archive

Whether smoked, smudged or just hinted, when it came to eyes, especially in the case of Carrie, they were almost always coated in kohl. Dixon notes, "'90s beauty has always been iconic and the SATC girls enhanced that through a grey smokey shadow, a kohl liner and bare skin". Indeed, those who took stock of the momentous look will recall the scene in Sex and the City 2, where Carrie lines her eyes with traditional kohl right before her surreptitious meeting with ex Aiden.

The power of blush 

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When it came to complexion, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte usually kept things simple. As was the '90s fashion, "it was all about gorgeous skin," says make-up artist Adam De Cruz. One thing that remained in tact though, was blusher, which helped bring a healthy flush to the characters' looks and somehow managed to make us feel the crisp air of inner city New York. 

Colour switch 

Yes, they all had signature hair hues: Carrie and Samantha occupied blonde territory, Miranda red, while Charlotte took brunette, but Carrie's hair transformation in the first Sex and the City film teaches us that while a trademark colour may have its perks, there is nothing quite like a post-break-up make over. 

Dress your hair 

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There were bandanas, scarves, headbands and hats aplenty. The show's affinity for dressing up hair presented the age old trick of giving an otherwise casual look that extra oomph.

Curly versatility 

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Carrie wouldn't be Carrie without her spiral locks. In many ways her two-toned blonde curls are just as symbolic as her white tutu, and signals her bold nature. Whether waist length, tied in a bun or cut to a bob, Carrie's curls told a story in themselves, and the versatility of  curl patterns.

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