If you're a fan of Chanel's Rouge Noir nail varnish, wait until you see this

chanel rouge noir

Uma Thurman wore it in her 1994 film Pulp Fiction. Madonna donned the shade in the same year, for her Take a Bow video, and the New York Times described it as the colour that 'dominated the imagination of the masses'. What is it? Chanel’s best-selling cult nail varnish, Rouge Noir.

It was first seen during the runway show for the label’s autumn/winter 1994 runway collection, an almost-black nail polish with a hint of red, that instantly had people talking. It still does. Now the dark, vampy shade has now been applied to a whole range of make-up, and we love it all.  

Chanel describes the shade as, "a style tool accessible to all women. Neither classic nor gothic, neither rock nor chic, or rather all of these rolled into one, Rouge Noir shakes up codes, discreetly distilling its dark and languid beauty. It galvanizes all styles. Better yet, it injects them with a new power."

And quite a power it has – the nail varnish alone is still one of the best-selling nail colours of all time. Launching tomorrow, Chanel’s full Rouge Noir collection includes a mascara, eyeliner and, most exciting of all, a Rouge Noir lipstick. This is most gorgeous wintery shade and looks great with just a little slick of mascara. Extra brownie points if it’s Rouge Noir, but we won't judge if it's just plain black. Check out the full range below.

Illusion D’ombre in Rouge Noir, £25

Le Volume de Chanel in Rouge Noir, £25

Creation Exclusive Signe Particulier, £44


Rouge Allure Velvet, £26