Beauty basics: how to clean your make-up brushes correctly

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Washing make-up brushes can be an easily forgotten task, but it is something that we should all do on a regular basis as part of our every-day beauty routine.

In the video above, fashion model, writer and beauty insider Ruth Crilly of shares her quick and simple tips for getting your brushes clean.

Make-up brushes can hold dirt, oil and bacteria in the bristles -  so while it may be something you forget to do from time to time, leaving your brushes unclean for too long can mean your beauty products are no longer distributed evenly across the skin, and may even lead to breakouts.

Model Ruth Crilly demonstrates how to use a sanitising spray on your brushes Credit: Telegraph

Beauty Basics is a new Telegraph series which takes you back to basics to ensure your make-up essentials are right from the get-go.

Future episodes in this series will include tips for concealing dark under-eye circles, colour-matching foundation to your skin tone and the best technique for shaping eyebrows.

Ruth Crilly is a fashion model, writer and beauty vlogger who has modelled internationally for over 10 years. Developing an interest in skincare, cosmetics and body maintenance during her time as a model, Ruth created her website where she blogs about all things make-up and skincare.