Tom Pecheux on how to wear bright lipstick

Tom Pecheux on how to wear bright lipstick
Tom Pecheux on how to wear bright lipstick Credit: Dolce & Gabanna

A lot of us will be flirting with the idea of a brighter, bolder lip this season - the bare-lipped amongst us won't have failed to notice explosion of poppy, pillar box, peony and berry reds on the spring runways, as seen at Antonio Beradi, Burberry and Dolce & Gabanna for example.

The question is, can we all actually wear a bright lip? And what are the rules?

Actually "there are no rules," explains international make-up artist Tom Pecheux, the former creative director for Estée Lauder make-up, and whose signature bright and bold lip (inspired by his lipstick icons Marilyn Monroe and model Lindsey Wixson) is exactly why Dolce & Gabbana enlisted him to create its new lipstick campaign. "It's just not possible to define a rule that works for everybody," he goes on.

Feeling just as brave as this season's lip colours, we nudged him a little more for where to start and this is what he told us.

When you're choosing a shade... "it's a very personal activity and is influenced by so many factors. You need to take some time to experiment to find the right colour, that's part of life. You have to work out what you like by trying things out.

As a guiding principle, I always recommend to search the shades that best suits you by first putting aside those you don't like or you don't feel comfortable with. So, when you are in front a wide offer of shades, first pick those you don't like or would not feel comfortable with and put them out of your sight. Keep selecting what you don't want and you will eventually find the right shade for you. This takes some time, of course!

I think it's a very unique decision for each individual to make, and I treat every woman very uniquely when I try to work out what bright colour they should be wearing. If I thought that there was a rule that could be applied to everyone, then I would use only one colour but there isn't, so you need to find out what that is."

Credit: Dolce & Gabanna

We've found our colour, now what... "Once you figure out what you like by experimenting, you can focus on it and play around with it to build up your confidence. Lots of women think that they can't wear red but it's because they haven't tried to, and they haven't found a red that suits them yet. The Dolce Matte Lipstick collection I worked is made up of 13 colours, and I could see a shade to suit everyone's skin tone and style."

So, what make-up do we match it with? "My number one rule is not to worry if it goes wrong. There is no drama if you do not get it right because you can always take your lipstick off and redo it. It's not for the rest of your life so be bold, experiment and try something different.

Besides, I think everyone can wear a bright colour, no matter what hair or beauty style you have or what age you are."