Why I would never cut my own hair - but these are the tweaks to try instead  

Five ways to update your hair at home while you wait for your hair salon to reopen


Cut my own hair? You must be kidding. I know first hand how one slip of the wrist can result in hair suicide. While some experts are taking to social media to demonstrate how to wield a pair of scissors like a pro, all of the hairdressers I've spoken to advise against it. 

"I would never recommend cutting your own hair. It can take years to correct and it's much better to just pop it up if it's getting on your nerves until salons reopen," advises celebrity hair stylist and salon owner, Larry King. 

"Instead, it's a great time to practice your blow drying skills or perfect how you use your hair tools. Why not try out different looks that you never get time to do when you're rushing in the mornings?" 

Resist the temptation to cut your own hair (unless it's to cull a few rogue split ends) and practice these five things instead.

Blow dry your hair each morning

" Keep up with washing and blow drying your hair, as somehow it just seems to make you feel better and we all need a bit of that right now," adds King. While this sounds like an obvious direction, by making the effort to resume your normal work day pattern by having your early morning shower and blow drying your hair to a Zoom-ready finish will set you up for a productive day.

Start with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, then prep hair with a light styling product such as Living Proof Full Root Lift Spray - or for light nourishment, Drunk Elephant's Wild Marula Tangle Spray - then rough dry your hair without a nozzle until it's 80% dry, before finishing with a brush to smooth the cuticle, using your hair nozzle pointing downwards for less frizz. 

Break out your diffuser 

If you see the current lock-down as the perfect opportunity to enhance your natural texture then instead of letting it do it's own thing (which, frankly, translates to just-woke-up-hair), dig out the diffuser attachment that came with your hairdryer. Diffusing will encourage your natural waves to form into a more considered style, and is less damaging than traditional blow drying, as your hair has less direct contact with the heat. 

Practice Tonging 

Using whatever heated appliance you have lying around, whether that's a hair straightener, rollers or curling tongs, use this time to perfect the art of creating a salon worthy curls for your Friday night. Make sure to use a heat protective spray before using any heated appliance then get practicing.

The general rule is to clip part of your hair up and tong in layers from the bottom up, concentrating most of your effort around the hair line to frame your face. If your hair is fine, a thickening spray will give it more grip and hold, making tonging easier and your style longer lasting. Try Redken's Rootful 06 which won't leave hair with that tacky feeling. 

Work on your up-do 

Take a scroll through Instagram and you'll see more top knots and face masks than ever before. But rather than throwing your hair into a make-do knot, take a leaf out of J-Lo's book and craft your hair into a slick face-lifting ponytail or bun.

Blow-dry first to smooth frizz, then using a good quality bristle brush (or whatever brush you have lying round) to scrape hair into a ponytail, placing the band at a 45 degree angle, from the top of your ears upwards, echoing your jawline which is most flattering.

Twist into a bun and spray with a light hairspray. Smooth any baby hairs with a conditioner or a styling cream such as Larry King's A Social Life for Your Hair. A basic facial moisturiser will do the trick too. 

Hair mask

"Most of us have a hair mask in the back of their bathroom cabinet. Take it out and use it once a week - it will make all the difference to the quality of your hair," suggests Zoe Irwin, Creative Director at John Frieda. Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer is a classic all-rounder. "A hair mask is one of the best things you can do for the condition of your hair as it penetrates the hair shaft in a deeper way than conditioner, which will boost hair radiance and give you a confidence boost in lieu of a glossy salon blow dry," adds Irwin.