Why Princess Diana's 'practical haircut' is the perfect style for now 

Versatile, flattering and low maintenance, Princess Diana's 80's hairstyle has all the makings of the next big cut


Watching series four of The Crown has brought back fond memories of Princess Diana's early style choices. While her puffy-sleeved evening frocks and endearing jumpers have been the most talked-about items of the series, her mousy blonde, graduated haircut is the silent style hero of the show. 

It may not look like much but Diana's 80s hairstyle is a stark reminder of the merits of a practical haircut, one that can grow out nicely without needing to be snipped into shape every fortnight. In fact, Diana's hair is very much on-trend at the moment and a modern retake is already on the cards for 2021. 

Granted Diana didn't really get into her hair groove until the 1990s when hair stylist Sam Mcknight gave her Sloaney style a modern make-over for the cover of Vogue in 1991. But there is something compelling about Diana's early years hairstyle that feels spot on for today. 

The Crown season 4 showcases Diana's early haircut 

Firstly, her hair is untouched by peroxide, a high maintenance luxury that most of us could do without right now. Secondly, the graduated shape of her hair, which skims the profile of her face and softly brushes over her ears that is perfect for these restrictive times because it is void of hard lines, thus it is the type of style that grows out effortlessly.

Of course, Diana's teenage haircut is a tad old fashioned by today's standards and needs modernising to make it worth considering, but it's versatility shouldn't be ignored.  Celebrity hair stylist, Andreas Wild from Larry King explains, "Princess Diana's early haircut was a bit heavy; it almost looked as if it had been cut by a barber because there's little softness to it. But the graduated shape of the cut is very cool and it can be worn in many different ways from a slicked back wet look to a fuller, fluffier style."

 A slicked back version of 'the Diana'

Despite the naive nature of it, Diana's 80s haircut only needs a few tiny tweaks to bring it up to date. "I would take the shape of Diana's haircut and adapt it with some softer layers and choppiness at the ends for more flexibility and movement.

"It's actually a relatively low maintenance style. You can have the fringe cut a little bit here or there or grow out your fringe and soften the sides, it's becoming more practical to have 'half a haircut' these days rather than a complete re-style each time you come into the salon. With these on and off restrictions, clients are going for cuts that can be maintained quickly and easily in case of another lockdown."

Diana's hair has been the inspiration behind a host of iconic hairstyles from Joanna Lumley's Purdy cut to Lulu's choppy style.  

Joanna Lumley's Purdy hairstyle bears a resemblance to Diana's graduated cut 

"Lulu's famous choppy hairstyle is a softer, longer version of the Diana cut which goes to show that it's extremely flattering on all ages, provided that you soften the edges and adapt the shape to suit your individual features. From Miley Cyrus to Diana, these graduated cuts are making a big comeback for 2021."