How to make the most of your straight hair 

Credit: iakovos kalaitzakis /iakovos kalaitzakis 

How to achieve sleek, silky, poker-straight hair, even in the heat?  System Professional ambassador Bruce Masefield gives us a masterclass on the British model of the moment, Neelam Gill.

Invest in rest

Credit: iakovos kalaitzakis /iakovos kalaitzakis 

It’s easier to achieve velvet-like straight hair than you think: all it takes is a few tweaks to your everyday routine. Start by sleeping on a silk pillowcase: it honestly makes a world of difference in keeping hair tangle-free and smooth. Over time,  it can help to strengthen your strands and it’s great for your skin, too.

Blow-dry better

Credit: iakovos kalaitzakis /iakovos kalaitzakis 

Before you blow-dry your hair and apply any styling products, use a towel to take out 80 per cent of the water. For truly lustrous locks, my top tip is to mix Luxe Oil Reconstructive  Elixir with BB Blue Shaper Blowdry Hydro Gel, both by System Professional. Work a little of  the mix through damp hair using a detangling comb before you blow-dry.

Brush  up

Credit: iakovos kalaitzakis /iakovos kalaitzakis 

A paddle brush will produce a perfect straight blow-dry and help maintain some body and volume in the hair. Use your hairdryer on a hot setting to close the cuticles and give the strands shine and lustre. If you straighten your hair but are wary of losing volume, simply avoid straightening from the root; also straighten away from your head rather than pulling downwards on your hair.

Fight the frizz 

Credit: Billie scheepers/Billie scheepers

Keeping your strands straight  can be a challenge, but the key to preventing frizz is to focus on getting moisture into your hair before styling. The best advice is to always use a leave-in product on wet hair before you blow-dry. I love CC Soft Touch Polishing Cream by System Professional £24, which you  can use on wet or dry hair. Blow-dry  it in or leave it to  dry naturally.

Finnish with  a spritz

I love to use hairspray, it gives supreme shine,  locks in your style and prevents any unwanted moisture fluffing up the hair strands. My favourite is EIMI Mistify Me Strong by Wella Professionals. Apply all over in a light mist before you head out the door.

Hair: Bruce Masefield using System Professional. 

Make-up: Adam de Cruz.

Model: Neelam Gill at  Next Model Management