How to ensure your hair defies the humid weather

The Duchess of Cambridge at Tiger's Nest in Bhutan
The Duchess of Cambridge at Tiger's Nest in Bhutan Credit: Rex

Everyone remembers when the naturally-curly haired Duchess of Cambridge sported a genuine case of Monica hair (whose hair upon arrival in Barbados in the ninth series of Friends led Phoebe to ask "Are you leaving the Supremes?") in the Solomon Islands in 2012. And, after the past few days of frizz-inducing, humid weather most of us can sympathise with the Duchess. 

The Duchess of Cambridge on the Diamond Jubilee visit to the Solomon Islands in 2012 Credit: Rex

In Bhutan last year though, the Duchess rectified her hair faux pas and ensured not a single strand was out of place after a gruelling hike up to the Tiger's Nest. With wet, humid weather set to replace the scorching temperatures we've enjoyed this week, we asked the experts for their top tips on how to keep your hair soft, smooth and groomed... 

Invest in long-term smoothness

"A great tip to battle humid hair and to avoid the dreaded frizz is to invest in a permanent blow-dry ahead of your trip," says Jordan Garrett, stylist at Hershesons. "A lot of people haven't heard of this and think it's like a relaxer or a chemical straightener, which is completely wrong. You can still keep all your natural waves but without the frizz." Hershesons Permanent Blow-dry starts from £250, and lasts for up to three months.

Pre-frizz preparation 

“To keep long, thick hair smooth in a humid environment use leave-in treatment masks instead of a conditioner," says Andreas Wild, senior stylist at John Freida Salons. "They are more moisturising and don’t fully rinse it out - leave about 5-10 per cent of the mask in the ends of your hair to protect it from frizz." 

Try the Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil, £53, which protects both the scalp and the lengths and leaves hair deeply moisturised. 

Sleep on it

"Braiding hair before sleeping will reduce the amount of movement at night as this adds friction when sleeping," adds Garrett. "Using a silk pillow can help prevent breakage too so pack one in your suitcase as it won’t take up any room. To tie hair up at night I would recommend snag-free hair ties as they will help avoid hair breakage."

Hershesons Clear Snagless Hairbands, £6.50 

Shampoo against humidity 

"When washing hair in a humid place, only use shampoo on your roots and rinse it through, so it won’t dry out the hair," says Wild.

Another tip, which is a bonus for lazy washers, is to not over-wash the hair. "This will strip it of its natural oils, making hair more frizzy," says Garrett. "Over-drying hair is going to damage it so dry on a low heat and don’t put texture into it with texturising sprays, as this will emphasise frizziness. It’s better to use oil-based products when styling to counteract fluffiness and frizziness – Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom, £18, is good to use on hair after blow-drying as a finishing product due to its non-greasy texture."

See a professional

Boringly, this is once again advisable if you're going to be struggling through humidity for any length of time. If you do have layers, now might be the time to start letting them grow out. The same is true of short-haired people. As a person who once watched her chin-length bob grow and grow until it reached the triangular levels of Dora the Explorer's cut, I speak from painful experience. 

The Spring Hair Treatment at John Frieda Salons takes 15 minutes and leaves hair glossy and prepped for sunshine.