Has Blake Lively’s new hair cut signalled the end of long hair? 

Blake Lively at the special screening of "All I see Is You", October 2017
Blake Lively unveiled a new hair cut at the screening of 'All I See Is You'.  Credit: Blair Raughley /Invision

When you think of Blake Lively either Gossip Girl or long, wavy hair is likely to spring to mind. To say her blonde mermaid hair is iconic would be an understatement considering the phrase ‘Blake Lively hair’ is Googled every 0.60 seconds and she appears in countless celebrity hair galleries. Yet, last night the actress unveiled a very dramatic hair transformation and turned up to the screening of All I See Is You with a shoulder-length ‘lob’ (long bob).

While she’s not the first celebrity to go for the chop, Bella Hadid, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez have all opted for shorter styles this year, Lively’s decision to cut off her signature locks is a turning point in the trend. If she is ready to go short, then no doubt countless fans will be eager to follow in her footsteps.

The length has immediately made Lively's blonde locks look fuller and thicker, which is also likely to entice those who crave more volume to consider going for the chop. After all, a volumising spray can only bulk your hair out so much.    

Hairstylist Adam Reed, who recently took seven inches off of Amber Le Bon’s hair for GHD and Little Princess Trust’s campaign, is a fan of the shorter length and says, “Short hair can need more styling maintenance than longer hair, but remember that short hair takes less time to dry so you can dedicate those extra minutes that you’ve saved on drying to styling your hair each day.” It's certainly all food for thought...