How to revive brunette hair colour like the Duchess of Cambridge

Looking for a DIY colour fix for brunette hair? Our beauty director Sonia Haria may have found just the thing

Credit: Getty

Today the Duchess of Cambridge visited her local garden centre in her first public appearance - other than her numerous lockdown Zoom calls, that is - since March 20.  Buying seeds and plants for her children at Fakenham Garden Centre, Kate's visit was to encourage people to begin shopping again and support businesses which have suffered during the pandemic. 

Her trademark bouncy brunette hair looks like it has had a DIY colour update, given that colourists and hairdressers have been out of action for the past 12 weeks. If the lockdown has taught us anything, it’s the power of a good hair colourist. A good colourist can, of course, expertly cover greys - but they can also make your hair look bright and sun-kissed like you’ve been on a Greek holiday and lift your complexion more than blusher with well-placed highlights.

Kate may have used a box-colour to cover her greys, or a temporary root concealer, but another excellent option that can restore vibrancy in brunette hair is a temporary colour-boosting hair mask such as the Colour Depositing Mask by Moroccanoil, £28.85. My own natural hair colour is very dark brown, with varying degrees of mid-brown highlights running through.

The skin-boosting powers of the highlights my colourist places are unbeatable from week 1 to 8 (it’s amazing how an uplift in colour can make you look more rested). But after that? The brunette highlights start to look dull and block-y. 

The Colour Depositing Mask by Moroccanoil can revive brunette hair colour tremendously. Whilst I’ve stuck to my colour Cocoa, which suits my dark brown hair best and would work brilliantly for Kate's, it does come in a handful of shades: some natural brunette and blonde shades, as well as a few bold colours (an aquamarine wash, anyone?).  

Colour Depositing Mask by Moroccanoil, £28.85

The sales of the product have doubled since lockdown began, and quite frankly I’m not surprised. It’s so easy to use: I apply it in the shower on freshly-washed hair, instead of my usual conditioner. It does leave some colour on my hands, so I always rinse them straight after applying the product.

I leave it on for five minutes (a great time to use a body scrub) and then rinse out. That’s it. It’s been leaving my hair incredibly soft thanks to the conditioning properties, and more importantly harmonises my hair colour and knocks out any of the lighter highlights that are starting to look quite dull and faded. 

It lasts a good few washes, too, so depending on how often you wash your hair, you could get away with using it every couple of weeks. Or until your next visit to the garden centre.