How to get rid of shiny nose

How to get rid of shiny nose
Credit: Charlotte Tilbury

What’s the deal with women and shiny things? It’s not even dismissible as a silly stereotype: it’s true. Well, not me. I loathe and detest shiny things: sequins, gold and silver handbag hardware and patent anything actually prompt reflux. But nothing gives me the heebie-jeebies quite like shiny-faced women. ‘Dewy’ they call it in the beauty world. ‘sweaty’ I call it in mine. All these sticky-faced (and limbed) women at parties and award ceremonies strutting about in My little Pony-style glitter body rub, glutinous make-up and flycatcher lip gloss.

I was briefly reduced to a human oil slick by a professional make-up artist for a black tie do a few months back. It was a deeply uncomfortable experience. I’d been ‘chromed’ (apparently smearing white lipstick masquerading as highlighter across your face is ‘a thing’), and discovered after a single circuit around the room that anything not bolted to the floor had adhered to my sticky personage: lint, cocktail garnish, stray hairs and one particularly persistent public relations executive.

What a relief that matte is back. Give me 18th-century courtesan matte. Give me Madame de Pompadour. I’d rather look like a powdered corpse than a viscous instagram-ready reality star. Use any of these five products and you won’t have to choose between the two. Because matte doesn’t have to be ageing; quite the opposite. Plus, unlike ‘dewy’, it appears to knock a few pounds off your face and won’t highlight every flaw.

The best mattifying products

Best mattifying lotion

Darphin Skin Mat Mattifying Lotion, £41 

Locks in moisture while keeping your oil glands in check.

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Best primer for oily skin

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil-Free, £30

The new version of a much-loved primer.

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Best foundation for a matte finish

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, £30

This will make you look as soft focus as a Frank Capra film.

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Best concealer for oily skin

Nars Stick Concealer, £19

Gives full coverage with zero under-eye shine.

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Best matte red lipstick

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick in 999, £27.50

A luminous red with a lovely matte texture.

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