The 8 best new candles to bring in the Christmas spirit 

Nothing conjours up Christmas quite like a scented candle – they make great last-minute gifts, too

Credit: Adam Goodison

Writing about candles in winter is the equivalent of running fashion stories about florals in spring. It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but nothing signals the shift in seasons quite like it.

Of course, you can light candles all year round, but they really come into their own around Christmas, when they set the scented backdrop for cosy nights in with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie.  Working from home, as many more of us are doing now, has made the desire for candles even greater.

Unsurprisingly, Space NK has seen a 22 per cent rise in candle sales compared to this time last year. It stocks many brands, but as I type this from my desk at home, I’ve got the warm and cosy notes from its own candle, Shimmering Spice, burning in the background. If you’re feeling  less than festive, light this and give it an hour – I promise you’ll have Michael Bublé on the speaker before you know it. 

Another lovely brand that’s new to the scene in the UK is Boy Smells. It has a cult following in LA, where the candles are hand-poured into smart holders. The woody blend of cedarwood and rosewater in the scent Broken Rosary instantly makes me think of the crackle of a real fire. It’s a great last-minute gift, too, if you’re still on the lookout, as does anything housed in a chic cream box  by Jo Malone (try the earthy notes of its Pine & Eucalyptus).

Whether you’re buying a candle for yourself for a deliciously scented lead-up to Christmas Day or as a gift for someone, try one of my favourites below. Which, incidentally, includes the actual scent of Christmas trees in a candle by Jo Loves. A fully immersive festive period indeed. 

New flames

1. Pine & Eucalyptus, £49, Jo Malone 

2. Shimmering Spice, £26, Space NK 

3. Christmas Trees, £55, Jo Loves  

4. Gingerbread, Almond & Orange Blossom, £50, Beauty Pie 

5. Callippus Aromatique, £80, Aēsop

6. Holly, £20, Sister & Co 

 7. Broken Rosary,  £45, Boy Smells 

8. Floral Majesty, £58, Diptyque 

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