Would you buy a luxury hand sanitiser for £25? We give it a go 

As sales for hand sanitiser sky-rocket, we try the luxury £25 offering that still seems to be in stock

byredo suede

Have you managed to get your hands on any hand sanitiser recently? I'm going to hazard a guess and think not. Thanks to coronavirus, sales for antibacterial hand gels have sky-rocketed, and weeks on from the initial chaos to try to find a bottle, it's still as much of a struggle. There is one hand gel that still seems to be in stock online, the Rinse-Free Hand Wash by luxury perfume brand Byredo

High street beauty retailer Space NK, who stock the brand, have seen sales of the Hand Rinse triple in the past few weeks. They've also noticed a 165 per cent uplift in the bath and body category in general, and the retailer's best performing product last week (that out-sold all of the creams, lotions and make-up) was the £27 Resurrection Hand Wash by Aesop. British beauty brand Bramley have also witnessed their sales of hand wash dramatically increase, up 458 per cent from this time last year. 

The £25 hand santiser by Byredo is seriously luxury, scented with some of the brand's best-selling scents. I've been using the Rose version for the past week and, besides the important high-alcohol content, it's got a lovely non-drying formula with a fragrant blend of pink pepper, raspberry and patchouli. 

So is it worth splashing the money? Most certainly, if you can't get your hands on anything else (and need something portable on-the-go if you can't wash your hands with soap and water). It also beats paying over the odds on eBay or Amazon for cheaper alternatives (Carex, which is usually a couple of pounds, has been selling on some marketplaces for almost £30 a bottle). 

If you have enough hand santiser to keep you going for now, British beauty brand Margaret Dabbs are taking pre-orders now for its £12 portable hand santiser, when stocks are expected next Monday March 23rd.