The £4.99 cellulite fix that actually works 

Experts say lockdown is making our cellulite worse, and this is what you should do about it

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Our bodies are becoming a side casualty of lockdown. With nowhere to go, not only are we stuck indoors, we're sat on our backsides for most of the day, resulting in fluid retention and poor circulation; two things your thighs don't like. 

Body contouring expert, Dr. Galyna explains, 'lockdown is bound to make cellulite more prominent as we are doing less physical activity and more banana bread baking. While you can't get rid of cellulite completely, you can make the appearance of that 'orange skin' effect smother by working on your lymphatic drainage to reduce fluid retention and improve circulation.'

Sana Khan, nutrition consultant and founder of Avicenna Wellbeing says, 'I've had more enquiries about cellulite during lockdown than ever before. Partly because we are spending more time self-analysing and with the glorious weather we have had in the UK in recent weeks, people are changing into their summer outfits. Furthermore, we are sitting down more than normal and when we don't move enough, the lymph system doesn't get stimulated.' 

Why Lymphatic Drainage helps cellulite

Dr. Galyna explains, 'the fluid or lymph in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the body. Your lymphatic system works directly with your cardiovascular circulatory system to keep blood and lymph levels in balance.

More importantly, lymph carries immune cells throughout the body to help defend against infections. If you think of all the vessels in your body as motorways; some carry blood and some transport lymphatic fluid.

'If there are traffic jams along the way, nutrient rich blood won’t be able to travel freely and infection-fighting lymph wont be able to get to the organ that needs help, hence why lymphatic drainage is very important for a healthy body.

'To combat this, drink good quality water (reduce or, ideally remove, coffee and tea) to flush out toxins and keep skin plump and hydrated. Secondly, you need to move more - a combination of cardio workouts, weight training, dynamic yoga and HIIT are all great for improving your lymph system and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Finally, try dry Brushing for 5-10 minutes every day before your shower.'

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How to dry body brush 

Sana Khan from Avicenna Wellbeing says, 'remember to brush towards your lymph nodes, which are generally located around your neck and collarbone, behind the knees, and near your elbows. For the legs, which is where a lot of people are conscious about cellulite, start from around the ankles and brush upwards in strokes or circular motions.' Try Ecotools Dry Body Brush £4.99.

What to eat (and not eat)

Dr. David Jack says, 'there is the tendency to snack a bit more than normal right now. So for some, a change in diet might be a cause for cellulite to worsen. Stress and high cortisol levels are also a major consideration as high cortisol levels are linked to cellulite. In this case try a supplement that helps to calm like my new Relax nutritional drink.' 

He adds, 'include a good level of exercise and try not to rely solely on cardio type exercises for fat loss, by incorporating weight training too as muscle helps to burn fat and improve metabolism. A fibre-rich diet that is full of antioxidants (fruit and vegetables) is essential.'

While Sana Khan says to be aware of hidden salt. 'Cut down on salt and processed foods because processed foods contain often a lot of salt for the preservation process. What we do know is that salt can retain water, therefore it can make cellulite appearance look a lot worse. '