Browse the luxury homes that ‘you just won’t find online’

Exterior of luxury property in Puerto Banus, Spain
Picture-perfect: would this luxury property in Puerto Banus in Spain be on your wish list?

If you’re looking to buy a high-end property – at home or abroad – then this month’s Luxury Property Show in London is definitely for you

The Luxury Property Show has become a staple of high-end estate agents’ calendars since its inception 11 years ago. At the end of October, it will open its doors once more for two days to cover all things property: prospective buyers can browse the many homes and estates on offer while taking advantage of the expert advice that only a fair of this calibre can provide.

Enter the currency specialists, lawyers, tax and insurance advisers who are there to guide old hands and newbies alike through the process, and all without leaving the domes of Olympia London.

Here Jana Korpova-Harris, the show’s director, tells us what makes the fair so unique, and why anyone considering a trip to this year’s event won’t be disappointed.

Q: Who is the Luxury Property Show really for?

“We set up the show with the aim of bringing luxury properties from around the world to one place – and allowing visitors to find the perfect one, whether as a second residence, an investment or as part of a full relocation. There’s a fair mixture of different motivations for purchase: about 30 to 40 per cent are investors, and the remainder will either be emigrating or buying a holiday home.”

Q: How have you noticed this market change over the years?

“Most of our visitors are UK-based, but we have a far more global audience now – people coming from Europe and the Middle East, for instance. We have exhibitors from Thailand and Dubai, as well as more from the US than ever before.

“When it comes to places such as New York and Florida – which are very popular with Brits – the interest in overseas purchase in the US has increased as the cost of travel has gone down.”

Q: Why do you invite so many different property specialists?

“We know from the past that some visitors will attend having already viewed some properties or visited the country or area they are interested in, and that some exhibitors are meeting existing clients – it’s much better to have that face-to-face contact, after all. For those who are contemplating a purchase, it can be invaluable to discuss current conditions in the desired country. For instance, you might decide to make an investment where the tax regimes are different, or – for full relocation – the education and legal systems might be new to you.

“Currency specialists can be instrumental in your planning process when it comes to understanding fluctuations: even on a property worth a million euros, for instance, a week can make the difference of a few thousand.”

High-end: discover luxury properties abroad such as this villa La Zagaleta, Spain

Q: What can visitors look forward to this year?

“We have a collection of properties we refer to as the ‘picture-perfects’. There are some amazing eco-friendly houses in Switzerland, chateaux in the Dordogne and – my particular favourite – a luxury suite in Vancouver, one of the healthiest cities in the world. These are properties you just wouldn’t find online.

Q: What is your key focus for this year’s show?

“When people talk about property, they are often thinking of location specifically; this year, we are trying to create more of a fusion between where a house is situated and its interior design. Several new features of this year’s show include an art gallery, a range of workshops specialising in lighting and art dealing, and seminars driven by the advice consumers need when they’re embarking on redecoration.

“There are workshops, too, related to the difference in lifestyle between New York and London, for example. We have partnered with a variety of companies to deliver this expertise. Essentially, it’s everything you need under one roof: it’s meant to be informative and enlightening, but it’s also a great day out.”

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